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Manhattan Couture Slavic Remy Hair Extensions


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Manhattan Couture’s luxurious, premium grade extensions are made from the finest quality Slavic Remy hair available. Channel your inner goddess and luxuriously indulge yourself with the finest virgin human hair extensions in Australia.

At Manhattan Couture, we believe that opulent glamour and exceptional quality go hand in hand. We use nature’s allure as well as the essence of effortless beauty in gorgeous hair extensions to make every woman feel stunningly beautiful. Additionally, we asseverate that each and every woman should luxuriously indulge herself from head to toe – one’s inner beauty is further enhanced by a sumptuous exterior.

That aside, Manhattan Couture is Australia’s leading supplier of the highest quality Slavic Remy hair extensions available from around the world. Founded by Natoshua Johnson in 2015, Manhattan Couture is pioneering a new movement in hair extensions in Australia by partaking in ethical hair trade practices in Slavic countries; with an aim of delivering quality, luxury and consistent products to consumers.

All our hair extensions are free from harsh chemicals and coloring (unless stated otherwise). Most importantly, we don’t deal with synthetic or fake hair extensions. Our indulgent and soft 100% Slavic Remy hair extensions are made from high-quality virgin human hair. This virgin human hair is hand selected, 100% ethically sourced and processed with eco-friendly materials. Because of its high quality, matting and tangling is drastically reduced. The cuticle remains intact after every wash as well as tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Furthermore, it is reusable and can be heated, styled and washed just like your own hair.

Therefore, Manhattan Couture’s top end virgin human hair extensions naturally encourage you to enhance your look. These extensions perfectly blend with your own hair, thereby giving your appearance a more vibrant and luxurious look.

Manhattan Couture glorious success started with a hunger and need for high end products infused with a luxurious touch. However, it’s also down to founder Natoshua Johnson’s relocation to Australia as well as her understanding of what women really want when it comes to glamorous human hair extensions.

Born in Hawaii, Entrepreneur Natoshua grew up in Chelsea, New York City, where she was fascinated by high end salons she used to frequent. The chic style and elegant feel that engulfed her after having her hair done in a stylish way inspired her to dream of owning a luxurious business in the hair industry.

After finishing school, she got a job as a Hair Sourcing Agent for a celebrity wig maker. It was while working here that she got to first-hand know about hair. Her job entailed travelling around the world searching for the best quality hair to make the wigs. This experience broadened her mind and instilled in her knowledge on the different types of hair as well as distinguishing the real and fake ones.

However, it wasn’t until Natoshua relocated to Australia that she realised her childhood dream would turn into reality. Since her teenage years, she had always worn hair extensions as a protective style over her own hair. This ensured that she didn’t have to constantly bleach and damage her own hair. After relocating (to Australia), she wanted to change her hair extensions but couldn’t find the right one that matched her style and class. She consulted with her friends on where she could find the best hair extensions in Australia but they all shared her frustrations.

Disappointed by the lack of high quality hair extensions in the Australian market, Natoshua spotted an opportunity to bring a unique brand to the market that she would shape in her own terms. She therefore set out to find luxury hair extensions of unrivalled quality; and that’s how Manhattan Couture was founded.

Manhattan Couture ensures women feel confident, bold and powerful by offering prestigious products with a luxurious touch. There’s no secret to Manhattan Couture’s success; we simply deliver on the promise of offering high end products with a deluxe touch.

Specializing in the finest luxury human hair extensions, Manhattan Couture takes pride in the products we offer. We provide super quality, 100% real human hair extensions. Our human hair is selected based on health and length, thus ensuring it lasts years with our customers – we believe that the true reflection of quality is longevity. Also, the one of a kind manufacturing procedure taken to process our virgin hair ensures durability and eliminates common problems such as breakage, dullness and matting. To prevent shedding and tangling, this procedure guarantees that each hair extension bundle is uniformly and securely wefted.

In addition, we at Manhattan Couture have a strong focus on customer satisfaction; customers are our number one priority. We therefore seek to maintain a firm reputation with our loyal customers by ensuring we offer real human hair extensions. Furthermore, our team is highly trained to identify various hair extensions, but most importantly, how to professionally relate with our diverse range of customers. Our processing and delivery is also quick as each order is handled by our dedicated team. Moreover, for our amazing customers, we offer exquisite hair extensions in a safe and secure shopping environment.









I love my new extensions! They give me that thick Kim K hair when I go to the club! High quality and I constantly get compliments! Thank you #ManhattanCouture


I must say im super impressed with my extensions! i had a few questions i wanted answering before i purchased and i msged the page and i got a very quick response! After purchasing they came really quick i was shocked at how quick they arrived!! I’ve worn them everyday since receiving them and the quality is brilliant! they have stayed super soft!! I’ve washed them and there was no tangles at all, i also bought the oil that the owner recommended and it makes the hair even softer, i blow dry the oil into the extensions and there is no frizziness at all! im super impressed by the service of this company! will defiantly be buying again from Manhattan couture!!


I absolutely LOVE my extensions from Manhattan Couture! Amazing colour match and incredible quality They have lasted me so long and are easy to take care of. Highly recommend getting products from here! I’ll deffinitely come back for more They look amazing, lightweight and feel great

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